Tuesday Ramblings

It’s snowing which really blows my mind, it’s 37 ° out and it is coming down pretty good. I hope that the rest of the forecast is as correct as their call for snow. Tomorrow it is supposed to be up in the 40’s with Thursday and Friday in the 50’s and Saturday we are supposed to hit 60! I am so ready for Spring.

I have been feeling quite a bit better today than I have for some time. Yesterday was my first day back to work after missing 6 days. Everyone was so wonderful, and welcomed me back with warm hugs, much to do about how they all missed me, and how I was supposed to take it easy this week. It is really nice to be among such wonderful co-workers. Everyone was so concerned and I got so tired of repeating the fiasco that I went through to get better…I just wanted to call everyone in and tell them all at once so I didn’t have to repeat it 500 times; but (and I laugh) it is so nice to know they were so concerned.

After work last night I came home and slept. I was so wore out, but I seem to be getting better all the time and my strength is gradually returning more and more as each day passes and with each pill I force down my throat. I will be more glad than I can ever express to be done with this medication, I have to time the medication just right so that I can have at least one glass of milk a day, otherwise I can’t have any and for me, that is extremely hard. “T” said that if he had to take a medication that said he couldn’t have milk he said they would have to find something else, understandably so since the man drinks damn near a half a gallon of milk for every meal. We need to buy a cow and learn how to make 2% out of it.

I watched a bit of the nightly news, but I am so tired of all this talk of this war that I decided to come in and write a bit. I wonder how they can be so open about all their military plans, showing news coverage of the ammunition bunkers, military computerized operations and so forth and still maintain some element of surprise if and when the time comes. Granted that possibly you and I wouldn’t know where that bit of horizon is that we see behind the military ammunition bunkers, but that doesn’t mean that our enemy doesn’t know, after all it is their home terrain. But I guess it must be pretty damn secure if they feel safe enough to allow news coverage showing these locations and views of their computer rooms, and camps. What do I know?

The newspaper is always full of this talk of war also, it has gotten to the point that on Saturdays and Sundays I pull off the front pages and go right to the local and community section and bypass all the war issues. Perhaps that is being ignorant, and it isn’t that I am against the war…please don’t misconstrue my emotions on that, actually I am for the war if this is what needs to be done to protect our country and our freedom, I would rather the United States and her accompanying countries fight back than sit in a corner and let some idiot walk all over us. I guess I just don’t want to have to deal with it day in and day out. I keep up to date enough; sometimes I think that the media over covers some of this stuff, but its freedom of speech, right, and of course it is paying someone’s salary…even if it isn’t yours or mine. I have to admit that while it might be fun to travel to some of those countries, I have heard to many horror stories about captured reporters by the enemy to even want to be a reporter.


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